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Parents and Educators

Safety Resources is a website targeted toward consumers who currently use propane in their homes, as well as consumers who are looking to build with propane. This site includes interactive consumer safety e-learning lessons (available in English and Spanish) on topics such as:

  • Maintaining propane appliances
  • What to do if you smell propane
  • Carbon monoxide safety
  • Safe grilling
  • Emergency preparedness
  • And more...

There are also links to download helpful brochures on small cylinder safety, carbon monoxide safety, weather- and natural disaster-related information, and other information important for propane consumers.

Propane Marketers

Consumer Safety Education Resources

Besides PropaneKids, there are many other websites available to propane marketers that contain valuable resources — such as brochures, interactive e-learning modules, and pamphlets — to keep customers informed and safe.

PERC's ultimate resource for propane safety, this site provides resources for workforce training (including certification), regulatory and code compliance, and consumer safety. also features webinars, a video library, and propane emergencies training programs. You can also explore the "Safety and Training Roadmap" of PERC's Safety and Training Advisory Committee (STAC).

(The Propane Marketing and Resource Catalog)
Propane MaRC includes an array of downloadable safety, and research and development marketing materials as well as consumer safety items available for purchase. The catalog is broken down by topic (agriculture, safety and training, homeowners, etc.) and type (photos, presentations, radio ads, and tradeshow materials) for your convenience.

This website is targeted towards consumers who currently use propane in their homes as well as consumers who are looking to build with propane. It includes interactive consumer safety e-learning lessons on topics such as maintaining propane appliances, emergency preparedness, and carbon monoxide safety (all available in English and Spanish), and is an excellent resource for your customers.

The official website of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) contains the latest propane industry news, PERC projects and campaigns, links to other propane industry resources, and research and development.

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